Tamil Nadu government on Friday issued a statement to the press detailing the developments regarding the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic. In their latest media bulletin, it has been revealed that 3,680 new positive COVID-19 infection cases were recorded on July 10 taking the state's total number of cases in the state to 1,30,261. Among the total number of patients, 46,105 are said to be active cases in the state currently. 

Chennai continues to remain the worst affected with 1,205 new cases recorded today taking the district's overall count to 74,969 cases. However, it is to be noted that Chennai district on the whole has made significant recovery in terms of the number of cases coming down as the past four days have recorded less than 1,300 cases. Chennai city alone currently has 18,616 active cases. 

Tamil Nadu has also witnessed 64 people passing away today due to the coronavirus with the state's death toll rising up to 1,829. In the meantime, there has been substantial improvement in the number of recoveries over the course of the past 24 hours as 4,163 patients have been discharged taking the total number of recoveries to 82,324. The recovery rate for the state is currently at 63.2%. It is to be noted that today's recovery count is the highest for a single day for Tamil Nadu to date. 

The total number of samples tested today across the state are 37,309 while the overall count has gone up to 15,29,092. Similarly, the number of persons tested today are 35,921 with the total announced to be 14,64,281. There has been a considerable drop witnesses in the number of persons samples and persons tested today in comparison to yesterday. The difference is quite drastic to be missed by the blink of an eye and it remains to be seen what the reason could be for the sudden dip in the number of tests being carried out in the state. 

Below are the overall coronavirus statistics in Tamil Nadu on July 10: