The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic has already brought upon us very tough times and the general mood of people everywhere is gloomy and dull. However, the lockdown brought on by this Pandemic has also brought with it, a lot of domestic abuse and many cases are being reported across our country! Now, in such a shocking incident, we have come across a viral video where an Agra man is seen beating his 10-year-old son, whom he has tied up and left hanging from a window. This shocking 52-second video shows the small boy tied upside down to a window by a rope, and the father is seen thrashing him with a rope and yelling abuses at small boy! The video also shows a number of onlookers, watching this incident shocked. One man from the crowd is heard asking the father to let the boy be as he is just a child!

As the video went viral, Police authorities came across it and immediately took action. Ravi Kumar, a police officer from West Agra states, "We have taken note of the video. The incident happened around 6-7 pm yesterday (Saturday). The man was upset because of something that the child did!" The Policeman also stated that the man in the video had fought with his wife a couple of days back, following which she left to her sister's house. The couple are said to have 3 children and the boy in the video is the eldest. The Police have been questioning the man but he hasn't said much so far nor has he admitted to being drunk while abusing the child. The man has been identified as Guddu Khan (45) of Mewali village! 

The young boy is said to have stolen some Wheat from their house to buy sweets from a nearby shop and Guddu Khan got angered by this and punished the boy! Some onlookers also say the he poured hot water on the boy. Now, Guddu Khan has been arrested and the small boy has been sent to a hospital for medical examination & treatment. The Police state that the child's statement would be recorded once he is better. Cases have been filed against Guddu Khan under relevant sections of Juvenile Justice Act! It is really disheartening to see the video and pray for the child to come out of this trauma soon!This is second such incident to be recorded on camera, after earlier a security guard Sanjay Mishra was recorded mercilessly beating an 80-year-old woman. When the video went viral, the Police immediately arrested the guard and booked him.