Tamil Nadu currently stands 2nd of the list of Indian states most affected by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus! The COVID count in the state recently crossed 1 Lakh, making it only the 2nd state behind Maharashtra to record such high numbers! After days together of continuously recording over 4000 COVID cases, only today (Monday - July 6th), has the daily count come down below 4k. However, it looks like the COVID situation is finally stabilising in Chennai, which is the most affected district in the state! The state government implemented a 12-day intensified lockdown in Chennai and 4 other districts - Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Madurai. Over the past few days, the other districts in Tamil Nadu have been recording a heavy rise in the COVID numbers!

In this backdrop, it has now come to light that over 500 people have participated in the funeral of a 19-year-old rowdy, at Vazhudavoor, in Villupuram district! Muralidharan (19) was reportedly a notorious rowdy from Vazhudavoor, near the Kandamangalam village, of Villupuram! He and his friend Chandru (23) were killed by a rival gang, in what seems to be a gang-war! Muralidharan and Chandru had reportedly gone to Pillayarkuppam in Puducherry, on Thursday! Reports state that their mission was to murder a person named Arun, with whom Muralidharan and his brother had a prior enmity. Arun seems to have escaped from this attack and while Muralidharan and his gang were trying to track his whereabouts in Pillayarkuppam, Arun is said to have returned with his own gang members!

Arun's gang is said to have attacked Muralidharan's gang but most of them reportedly escaped and only Muralidharan and Chandru lost their lives in this attack! The bodies of these two people were handed over to their relatives after postmortem and the Villianur police have registered a case. The two bodies were taken to their respective villages for their funerals and Muralidharan's funeral reportedly had over 500 people in attendance, at Vazhudavoor! The TN Government has only allowed a maximum of 50 people to gather at funerals but these norms were blatantly flouted. Reports state that over 100 people rode on bikes in front of the dead body and about 200 others followed the body, during the funeral procession. Despite Kandamangalam Police personnel being present during the funeral, they did not stop or question the huge crowd. Now, we hear that the Kandamangalam Police have registered cases against 100 people, including the former Vazhuavoor Panchayat President Senthil, for violating Section 144 and also under other acts. We hear that further investigation is underway!