The Madras High Court on Monday postponed the case to June 11 regarding the shelving of the SSLC examinations to a later date. High Court judges have requested parents to contemplate whether the postponement of the class 10 examinations is the right decision. The court has also stated whether the government can think about postponing. 

Tamil Nadu government in their statement has said, as per scientists, the impact of the coronavirus will be severe and unpredictable in the days to come with the number of cases expected to cross more than 2 lakhs. The government has said this is the apt time to conduct the exams while adding that as many as 11 states have already carried out the SSLC exam schedule. Central government has also permitted to hold the examinations. TN government has said extensive and exhaustive arrangements have been made at the exam centres and there will no risk for any student. State government further opined that conducting the examinations on a later date will be risky. As on date, schools have begun distributing hall tickets to the students in confirmity with the original exam to be held between June 15 to June 25. 

As a counter, the judges have questioned the government who will be responsible for the lives of the students. They further asked, if students succumb to the disease, is there any other guarantee other than doling out compensatory amount. Since many cases related to the postponement of class 10 exams are pending in the court, this particular case can also be linked with it, the court said. The court has also ordered the state government to submit a detailed explanation regarding the case.