Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami on Monday issued a statement in regard to the New Education Policy (NEP) in which he says only two-language formula will be continued in the state. He states, "The Tamil population is strong in its conviction about its single-minded devotion to the adherence of two-language formula over the last 80 years. With respect to their principles, they have manifested their emotions in different periods of time through numerous campaigns."

He added, "According to the third provision of the Official Languages Act, 1963, the transaction between Centre and State should be in English, so far as the states which don't follow Hindi as the official language. Despite this scenario, the then Congress government in 1965 initiated action to convert Hindi as the official language."

CM Palaniswami stated, "In opposition to the anti-Tamil action of the government, students and the people ventured to many struggles across Tamil Nadu. Former Chief Minister C. N. Annadurai, in order to remove the apprehensions of the people, passed a historic resolution in the assembly on 23.01.1968, which stated, 'This assembly has taken a firm stand to remove three-language formula from all the schools in the state and introduce two-language formula, Tamil and English, in its place by excluding Hindi entirely from the school syllabus.' In continuation of this decision, Hindi was removed as a mandatory language from the school curriculum."

He then stated, "When 'Puratchi Thalaivar' MGR was elected to power in Tamil Nadu, he was also resolute in following the policy of late CM Anna, with respect to continuation of the two-language formula as adopted by him. When MGR was the Chief Minister, in adherence to the existing policy, a resolution was passed in the assembly on 13.11.1986, reiterating the two-language formula."

Mr Palanswami stated, "Former Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa, who came to power later, was also supportive of the previous resolutions framed by 'Arignar' Anna and Dr. MGR, and stated, 'This government is firm that Hindi should not be imposed on non-Hindi speaking people and all such attempts by the Centre will be fully condemned in the state.' Furthermore, she was resolute that Tamil should be declared as an official language in India and Tamil should be made a language of transaction in the Madras High Court. The present-day Tamil Nadu government had also expressed its opposition to the three-language formula when it was mooted in the NEP. In addition, I had written a letter to the Prime Minister on 26.06.2019 reiterating our stand that, as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, we will follow only a two-language formula. I have clarified in the state assembly on many occasions and also during my Independence Day address last year that the two-language formula will be continued."

"I also wish to state that even though the NEP announced by the Centre mentions about the three-language formula, Tamil Nadu government will never allow the three-language formula to be implemented in the state and we will continue to adopt only two-language formula", the CM asserted. 

"In Tamil Nadu, the feelings of the entire population and also those of most of the political parties are against the three-language policy and they stand for only two languages. In such a situation, the Centre's decision about three-language policy in the NEP has caused a lot of grief in the minds of the Tamil people,", he stated. 

CM Palaniswami further added, "I appeal to the Prime Minister to respect the emotions of the entire population of Tamil Nadu, revisit the three-language formula as announced earlier and permit all the states to implement a language policy in tune with their aspirations."