In an ironic case reported in the metropolitan city, a bike that was parked inside the compound of the Villivakkam police station was stolen by an unidentified man.

Sources said that the bike was taken to the Villivakkam police station after the owner of the vehicle was involved in an accident nearby. The owner, identified as one R Prashanth, was grievously injured in the accident following which the two-wheeler was towed. The Thirumangalam traffic police, which registered a case, had parked the vehicle at the Villivakkam station for the time being.

When the traffic police returned for the bike on Saturday, to take it to the regional RTO office as part of inquiries, it was missing. After several confusing minutes, during which it transpired that no policeman in the compound had any idea where the vehicle was, they decided to check the CCTV footage.

It was found that a man had walked into the parking lot, and without any seeming hesitations, took the bike. A case was registered and investigations have begun.