The first case of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus infection, was reported sometime in November last year with the Wuhan Province in China being reported as Ground Zero. In the year since, the deadly Virus spread rapidly across the world and has claimed lives in the millions and infected hundreds of thousands more! This Virus doesn't discriminate between people by means of gender, race, caste or their social standing. Many top political leaders, actors, celebrities, sportspersons and others have been infected by the virus. Now, it has come to light that another top celebrity has been infected by the virus.

Lewis Hamilton, the star Formula 1 race driver who has 7 Championships to his name, has now tested positive for COVID-19! Hamilton was tested while he was in Bahrain, where he won the Bahrain Grand Prix. The 35-year-old just won the record equalling 7th world title at the Bahrain International Circuit. A statement from the FIA has revealed that Hamilton had been tested thrice last week, with the last test happening on Sunday. He had tested negative on all counts. However, Hamilton is said to have felt some mild symptoms on Monday morning, following which he was tested again and the result returned positive. 

A statement also reveals that around the same time that Hamilton tested positive, he was informed that one of his contacts prior to his arrival in Bahrain had also tested positive. Lewis was also subject to another test for confirmation and he tested positive in this too. Hamilton's F1 team stated that he has been isolated according to local health guidelines and also added that a replacement driver for him to participate in the Sakhir Grand Prix, would be announced soon. The race is set to happen on December 6th.