Gangster Vikas Dubey's mother Sarala Devi is urging her younger son, Deep Prakash Dubey, to surrender to police. News agency ANI reported on Wednesday saying she appealed to her second son saying the police will kill him and his family otherwise. The warning has come at a time when Vikas Dubey was shot dead by the Uttar Pradesh police on June 10, while attempting to escape after being arrested at Madhya Pradesh. He had been accused of killing eight policemen earlier in this month at Bikru village in UP.

Officials have stated the whereabouts of Deep Prakash Dubey are unknown at present and he is said to have gone into hiding fearing arrest following the ambush in Bikru village on July 3. The attack by Vikas Dubey was carried out on the policemen among whom eight personnel were killed, including a civilian, who sustained serious injuries. 

Sarala Devi, in her statement, was quoted as saying, "Deep Prakash, please come forward and surrender, else police will kill you and your family,". She also told ANI, "You will get the safety of the police. You have done nothing, don’t hide because of your relationship with your brother,".

Vikas Dubey's mother had not attended his last rites saying she has nothing to do with him. She said a day before Dubey got killed in the police encounter that she would have no regrets if he got gunned down for being responsible for the ambush of those eight policemen. 

Devi said Dubey was requested repeatedly right from a young age to change his path and let go of indulging in criminal activities, but didn't heed to anybody's words. It is said Vikas did not share any amicable ties with members of his family, including his younger brother. The relationship between both brothers was said to be strained and their differences led to the family not living under the same roof. Sarala Devi lived with her younger son's family, while Vikas Dubey, his wife Richa and their two kids resided in a different house in the same locality in Lucknow.