Tirunelveli police discovered the bodies of three people on Friday from wells in Palayamkottai. Among the dead were two trans women and one man, who have been identified as Murugan, Bavani and Anushka. According to reports, the three were residing together in a locality named Narasinganallur near Suthamalli, which had at least 30 other transpersons living there. In their statement, the police said the trans community noticed that Bavani and Murugan went missing and then set forth to launch a search. 

Upon making their own inquiries, the community on Friday morning got hold of a person named Rishikesh including two other men and apprehended them over to the Suthamalli police. An investigation is currently ongoing and they are being inquired. The police said that Rishikesh hailing from Salem was residing in Tirunelveli with a trans woman named Renukha. However, they moved to Narasinganallur where Rishikesh befriended Anushka, but murdered her as she regularly kept asking him for money. Using help from his friends, Rishikesh disposed Anushka's body in a well near Palayamkottai, reports say.

Rishikesh allegedly also then murdered Murugan after he had spoken in a derogatory manner against another transwoman, Snowin, who was his friend. Police have stated that Rishikesh carried their bodies in sacks and dumped them in a well nearby, with the murders taking place a few weeks back. 

Taking their statements into account, Palayamkottai police and rescue personnel rushed to the wells and retrieved a sack from one well, while they recovered two other sacks from another well nearby. The bodies have since been sent to the Tirunelveli Medical College hospital for postmortem examination with further investigation currently underway.