In what can be described as an unexpected incident, a three-year-old girl got entangled in the tail of a giant kite during a kite festival in Taiwan, leading to her being swept off her feet and lifted high into the air for more than 100 feet (30 metres). A video of the incident showing the girl's plight was posted on social media, with horrified spectators screaming, while also following the path of the kite in an effort to try and get her down. Towards the end of the video, we see people running towards the kite when it comes down and grabbing hold of the girl. 

The nightmare for the toddler lasted for around about 30 seconds after which everything was brought back under control. The girl was identified solely by her surname, Lin, with local new reports stating she sustained only minor cuts on her body. The incident had taken place in Hsinchu city in northwestern Taiwan, with the kite festival organizers later calling off the event. The video since being shared on social media by the festival-goers has raked up millions of views. According to The Guardian, the girl was attending the kite festival with her family in the seaside town of Nanliao when the unexpected incident had taken place.

In a statement, a Hsinchu city government official explained the site is known for strong winds and a sudden gust of wind led to the girl getting caught in the flight of the kite and it getting wrapped around her waist. A public apology was later issued by the Mayor of Hsinchu city, Lin Chih-chien later who said, "The municipal government team expresses its deepest apology to the party concerned and the public. We will review the incident to avoid such an accident from happening again. We will also investigate responsibility and conduct an in-depth review,". 

Watch the video shared on Twitter below: