Games are something that were a healthy part of life as long as they remained outdoors! However, over the years we have seen gaming turning to an addiction with the advent of smartphones and in turn, the whole gaming industry has grown exponentially! In recent times, one of the most popular games among the youth is PUBG, which brought in a revolution in the Battle Royale gameplay genre! Hundreds of thousands of people play PUBG across the world and it is very popular in India too. Recently, there was also a huge outcry when the Indian government announced that it is thinking of banning the game, along with some other apps! Some games, especially PUBG also have a darker side with there being many violent incidents reported among the players involved!

Now, we have reports of a very violent and shocking incident arising due to PUBG players! Reportedly, three youngsters who were playing PUBG had apparently been too loud and when a man asked them to reduce the noise, it seems to have irked them enough to kill him! This incident has happened in the Badyal Qazian village of RS Pura Tehsil of Jammu region, in India! Reports state that Raj Kumar, Bikram Jeet and Rohit Kumar were playing PUBG together and were making a lot of noise! Daleep Raj, who happened to be there, asked the three youngsters to keep the noise levels down. Enraged by Daleep Raj's statement and feeling that they had been distracted during their game, the three youngsters are said to have gotten into an argument with Daleep! Later in the day, the three youth are said to have attacked Daleep Raj with logs of wood, following which Daleep sustained severe injuries and died on the spot!

Latest reports state that the three youngsters have now been charged with murder, following their arrest! This is not the first such case of violence recorded due to PUBG players! Just less than a month ago, there was an incident reported where a college student from Jalandhar in Punjab shot himself after his addiction to playing PUBG had caused a fight with his family members, leading to the student's father taking away his smartphone. The addiction levels in these games are very high and lead to many issues. Though the game company has taken a number of steps to restrict playing time and a number of in-game warnings to break the addiction, they don't seem to help in a lot of cases, leading to disastrous results. The lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, has caused a huge surge in the number of players taking to games to kill their boredom and in turn getting addicted to it. We request all our viewers to play any game safely and without any disturbance to the people around you and being safety conscious at all times!