Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed once again to the citizens of the country on Sunday to make India self-sustaining. During his Mann Ki Baat address to the nation today, PM Modi laid emphasis on toys saying the toy industry around the world is worth over Rs 7 lakh crore, while adding that India's share in these numbers were very small. He urged that the nation will have to work together in order to make a big increase in it. 

Referring to the plight of the children during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic crisis and the lockdown, PM Modi revealed he has discussed with industry representatives to push forward for an increase in the production of indigenous toys. He has also urged startup companies and entrepreneurs to 'team up for toys', while conveying the message that it was time India got vocal for local toys. "Come, let's play", he said during the 68th edition of his monthly address. He then spoke about the New Education Policy (NEP) and how it aims to develop the creativity of children including their intelligent and innovative quotient with the help of toys. 

Addressing young entrepreneurs, PM Modi urged them to develop computer games in and about India. Speaking about an app innovation challenge conducted earlier this month, he referred to how honors were bestowed upon numerous indigenous applications. He laid emphasis on an app called the Kutuku Kids Learning app under the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat innovation challenge and added that the interactive app for children enabled them to learn maths, science through songs and stories. The Prime Minister also listed other similar apps on different topics.

In view of the festival season, PM Modi lauded the people of the country in their efforts to maintain discipline, which he pointed out as being a crucial factor in curbing the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. He also showered appreciation on farmers and their tireless efforts during the pandemic to bring about an increase in the sowing area for various grains. PM Modi spoke about nutritious food and how it is the duty of every citizen to follow a healthy diet. Apart from children, he urged women to have an intake of healthy food on a daily basis. 

PM Modi concluded his Mann Ki Baat address by wishing the people across the nation to maintain good health and made an appeal to them to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.