In times as testing as the present, where the entire world is fighting a mighty & deadly enemy like the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus, which is invisible to the naked eye, it is medicines that we turn to for answers! However, the presence of a black market which prospers on fake and counterfeit medicines, is very very huge! We have seen in a multiple movies, the baddie or group of baddies making a huge killing out of fake medicines. This is also seen in reality when some mishap happens to anybody who consumes such fake medicines. Honestly, it is no mean joke to differentiate between original medicines and fake ones, for the common man! 

However, the pharmaceutical companies have now decided to take a huge step in their fight against these fake medicines! Wanting to ensure that people get only authentic medicines and other pharma products, the government authorities have now set up a new committee to come up with a unique QR (Quick Response) Code for individual medicines! The unique QR Code will also help to enable the tracking of genuine medicines while guaranteeing authenticity! Reports state that a government order in this regard can be expected soon! The introduction of QR Codes can help in tracking & tracing the origin of drugs & minimise the chances of fake products from being used by the public! 

Media reports state that the Indian government has been trying to implement the QR Code system for medicines, since 2011 but this idea had been facing a number of different obstacles. Apparently, earlier the pharma companies themselves had objected to this idea, as the directives issued by the various departments of the government were not amenable to them. They had been asking for a unified, single common QR Code system for everything! In a notification by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) in 2019, mandating all Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to have a QR code. Unfortunately, there were some confusions in this too. Now, the government has turned to its think-tank NITI Ayog, and all the other related ministries & departments to form a committee and decide on this matter! A report from a source in the know says that a unique QR Code, is very much in the offing! Stay tuned for updates!