This year seems to be throwing up a lot of surprises, most of them rather not pleasant! What started out with the COVID-19 Pandemic, has been followed by one new issue after the other. Now, in a shocking news, it has come to light that over 200 people have fallen ill in Andhra Pradesh, due to unknown reasons. About 227 people, including 46 children have been admitted to the Eluru Government General Hospital, in West Godavari district, complaining of symptoms which point to a "mysterious illness"! Reports state that about 70 people were discharged after their health condition stabilised. 

Earlier, some of these patients were shifted to the Government General Hospital in Vijayawada and latest reports state that five of these patients including a 6-year-old girl child, has stabilised. Considering the number of people suffering from these symptoms, health officials suspect it to be a case of water contamination. To rule out any possibilities, the hospital authorities tested all the patients for COVID-19 but the test results returned negative for every single 1 of them. The number of people falling ill began yesterday evening and had been happening till today too. The patients had been complaining of symptoms like nausea and fainting. Blood samples have been taken and sent for analysis to ascertain what the cause for all these symptoms. Water samples have also been sent for analysis, as the patients are all from the same locality but from 4 different societies.

All the patients belong to 4 different societies from the Ashok Nagar & Arundhatipet, in Eluru Town. A case of water contamination was reported in this locality, about 10 days back! However, Viral Encephalitis has been ruled out as the cause but Health Minister A Kali Krishna Srinivas has revealed that teams of doctors have been rushed to Eluru from Vijayawada. Some of the patients, especially the children, were said to have vomited and complained of burning sensation in their eyes and later fainted or suffered bouts of seizures. The patients who were brought into the hospital in critical condition, have all improved now. The District Collector has announced that a door to door survey of the affected area has been ordered.