The Indian Railways has been in the spotlight for quite some time now! After the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic broke out, many coaches of the Indian Railways trains were converted into treatment & quarantine facilities and were dedicated for helping in the fight against the deadly virus! In recent times, the Indian Government's decision to privatise some routes of the Indian Railways, generated a lot of polarised opinions and was doing the rounds on social media for quite some time! However, now the Indian Railways has once again stepped up in the fight against the Corona Virus! Piyush Goyal, the Union Minister for Railways, has revealed some very interesting updates through one of his latest tweets!

Piyush Goyal has unveiled how the Indian Railways has redesigned and come up with new coaches, which are future ready! The new modifications have specifically been designed for post-COVID usage and to provide train passengers with COVID-free journeys! Revealing the advanced features of these new coaches, Piyush Goyal hinted that these could be the new normal, in the near future! The main highlight of the Post-COVID Coaches are the number of hands-free amenities! The handrails and latches are also to be copper-coated. Other amenities include foot-operated taps, Titanium di-oxide coating and plasma air purification. Minister Piyush Goyal also shared pictures of these new coaches and they have since been going viral on social media!

These new post-COVID coaches were rolled out from the Railway Coach Factory in Kapurthala and have foot-operated water tap, soap dispensers, lavatory doors, flush valve and latches. These new coaches come in both the AC and non-AC variants and the Railways has stated that they have brought down the requirement for usage of hands to a bare minimum to almost hands-free, for navigating the bathrooms and other parts! Explaining about the Copper coating, the Railways has stated that it has anti-microbial properties which destroys the DNA & RNA in any virus which land on it! The air conditioning in the coaches have also been provided with plasma air equipment in the AC duct, which will help in sterilising the coaches using ionised air, to make it COVID-19 free! Furthermore, a special nano-structured Titanium di-oxide coating has been provided on wash basins, lavatory seats, berths, glass windows, snack tables as well as the floor of the coaches. This coating is said to be eco-friendly and water-based, which kills bacteria, mould, viruses & fungal growth and also improves indoor air quality! It is also said to be non-toxic and approved by the FDA! 

These are indeed amazing innovations and designs, which are sure to make railway travel safer for passengers in the post-COVID future!