India is well known to be a peace loving country but also a nation that stands up for itself, in times of distress! Apart from battling the ongoing COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, India has also been facing a lot of trouble along the border, from its neighbours China, Pakistan and Nepal. The tensions are very high between India and China with the armed forces of both nations getting into an exchange a couple of months back, resulting in casualties on both sides. Ever since this clash happened along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in the Ladakh region, India has been concentrating on building up its troops at the forward bases along the border. 

With the standoff still in place with China, India's Chief of Defence Staff - General Bipin Rawat has warned Pakistan against taking any advantage of this situation. India's standoff with China is along the Eastern Sector, so the warning goes to Pakistan to not try any "misadventure" in the Western Sector. General Rawat has stated that Islamabad could suffer "heavy losses", should it try anything against India. While issuing this warning, CDS Rawat also mentioned that New Delhi is well prepared and has a strategy in place for handling Pakistan, if it creates any trouble along the Western front.

Gen. Bipin Rawat recently addressed the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum through video conference and made these comments there. He also said, "If any threat develops around our northern borders, Pakistan could take advantage of that and create some trouble for us." CDS Rawat also added, "Therefore, we have taken adequate precaution to ensure that any such misadventure by Pakistan is sorted and they are not able to succeed in their mission. In fact, they may suffer heavy losses should they attempt any misadventure. The proxy war unleashed by Pakistan blocked India's efforts at regional integration besides fomenting terrorism against India and exploiting our diverse faultlines." He also commented on China's economic and military cooperation with Pakistan, especially in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.