Thrissur: The first patient to test positive for the new Coronavirus has tested negative for the virus in her fifth swab, said a release from the state's health department. Though the Coronavirus is not a state emergency in Kerala anymore, authorities are sticking to their 28-day quarantine plan for now.

Praises have been pouring in for the incumbent Kerala government on several accounts, the least of all being for the meticulous manner with which the State health department, headed by health minister KK Shylaja Teacher, has dealt with the Coronavirus outbreak. Memorably, Kerala was the first state in the country to be affected by a virus outbreak after Nipah virus killed 17 people in 2018. Though all but one victim had died in 2018, the State government was praised for the way it tackled the medical emergency. The next year, the first outbreak of Nipah was immediately flagged and aggressively treated, and the outbreak had died out with only one victim being infected.

Kerala has gained praise for the aggressive screening and quarantine policies it had undertaken during the Corona outbreak also. While even the UNO mulled declaring the outbreak an emergency, Kerala had declared a state emergency the minute it flagged the third case. The State is prescribing 28-day isolation to suspected cases, while the entire world is aiming at a 14-day quarantine period.

All three patients in Kerala were medical students at the Wuhan university and had returned once the evacuation process began. The patient's fifth swab reportedly came back negative for Corona infection and a last swab was taken and sent for conclusive test on February 8. The result of this test is yet to come. If the test results come back negative, the patient, who is currently in the isolation ward of the Government Medical College Hospital in Thrissur, may be permitted to leave the hospital.

Of the 3,114 people who were advised to self-isolate, 3,099 are under home quarantine and 45 in hospitals.