The financial difficulties brought on by the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have been stressful for most people. Loss of lives due to the deadly virus on one side, the loss of livelihoods with the crippling of the economy, became a harsh reality! Most people lost their jobs and many people had to and are still undergoing pay-cuts but small businesses were the most affected. The food industry also became very crippled, amongst all the other industries. Last night, a heart-touching video of an aged couple who run a small kiosk and sell homemade food, surfaced on social media! A food blogger had posted the video of an elderly couple from Malviya Nagar in Delhi, whose 30-year small business had been severely affected and how they were finding it difficult to make ends meet!

The video surfaced on Instagram but a plea for help from Ms. Vasundhara Tankha Sharma on Twitter with the video, became very popular. She had mentioned that the video broke her heart and asked delhiites to go eat at "Baba Ka Dhaba" in Malviya Nagar, if they got a chance, urging people to go PM Narendra Modi's way with "Vocal for Local". By today morning, "Baba Ka Dhaba" was one of the top 4 trends on Twitter and the eatery witnessed good crowds. The original video shot by blogger Gaurav Vasan had 80-year-old Kanta Prasad telling how he and his wife Badami Devi begin cooking by 6:30 am everyday to get the food ready for sale by 9:30 am. Their menu includes Parathas, dal, curry and rice, which are sold at around Rs. 30-50 per plate. However, when Kanta Prasad was asked how much he had earned for the day, he broke down and showed the few Rs. 10 notes he had gotten, despite putting in hours of hard work! Visuals of the old man in tears, touched many peoples' hearts!

Though the elderly couple had always not earned much, the broken economy due to the COVID pandemic seems to have affected even what little they had been making. Within hours of being posted, the tweet had gotten thousands of likes and retweets, with many people offering financial help and others announcing plans to have their lunch at Baba Ka Dhaba. Many celebrities also came together to spread the word and they included the popular food delivery app Zomato, cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin, Delhi's IPL franchise Delhi Capitals, actress Sonam Kapoor and a number of others! On coming to see so many customers, a visibly happy Kanta Prasad thanked everybody who had extended their support. His wife also mentioned that during the lockdown months they had not been able to sell anything and had been struggling to survive. She added, "Today we are flooded with customers. We want to give our blessings to all those who helped us!" 

Check out the video here: