The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus has been claiming lives and giving no respite with its unchecked spread across the world! Many top political leaders, sportspersons, artists and actors have already been infected by this virus and some have also lost their lives to it. In a sad turn of events, it has come to light that former Indian opening batsman and current minister of the Uttar Pradesh state government - Chetan Chauhan has lost his life to this virus! He passed away sometime earlier, after multiple organ failure. Chetan Chauhan had tested positive for COVID on July 11th and had since been getting treated at a local hospital in Gurugram! However, yesterday his health worsened after suffering from kidney failure and he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit!

Chetan Chauhan was on life support, when he breathed his last after multiple organ failure! The former Indian cricketer was Sunil Gavaskar's most long-standing opening partner! He made his debut for Delhi against Mumbai at the age of 22, in domestic cricket! He had gone on to play in 40 Test matches and scored 2084 runs with a high score of 97 against Australia. Only Shane Warne has more Test runs than Chetan Chauhan, without having scored a century! Chauhan's partnerships with Sunil Gavaskar served India in good stead with their most famous outing being the 213 runs they scored together at The Oval, in 1979! Chetan Chauhan played in 7 ODIs, the last of them being against New Zealand, in 1981! Chauhan served as the manager of the Indian Cricket Team and was part of the team during its famous 2001 Test victory against Australia, in Kolkata!

After serving in various positions in different Cricket Associations, Chetan Chouhan decided to take up politics in. In his career, he was elected twice to the Lok Sabha from the Amroha Constituency, in Uttar Pradesh, in 1991 and 1998! Before he tested positive for COVID-19 in July, Chauhan was serving as a cabinet minister in the Delhi Chief Minister Yogi's government! Even while undergoing treatment at the hospital, Chauhan had been tweeting regularly about the government's efforts to control COVID across the state. He had also endorsed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Vocal4Handmade initiative on the National Handloom Day, on August 7th! Condolences have been pouring in from all parts of the country, to grieve the passing of Chetan Chauhan! We express our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and pray for his soul to rest in peace!