The Canine members of the Police Department play a very important role in various scenarios. Be it sniffing out drugs or detecting bombs or even helping in sniffing out people stuck in debris at collapsed buildings, dogs help the Police in many ways! However, for long, these canines were always chosen from foreign dog breeds like Labrador, Doberman, Alsatian, Belgian Malinois, among others. In what is considered to be a first, the Kerala Police Department is training 11 dogs from local breeds like Chippiparai, Mudhol Hound and Kanni, to be inducted as explosive detection canines. They are being trained at the State Dog Training School (STDS), at the Kerala Police Academy, in Thrissur!

The training for these 11 dogs is expected to be completed by November, upon which they would be inducted into the K9 Dog Squad of Kerala, which was founded in 1959! Neeraj Kumar Gupta, the DIG of Training Department, says, "It is for the first time that the state police has recruited Indian dog breeds into the K9 squad; the training is going well. They will be deployed in their respective trade-work, after passing out from training!" Another official from the training school states that, based on the performance of this batch of dogs, the department would decide on bringing in more indigenous dog breeds for training. Reports state the Police dog trainers as feeling that the Indian dog breeds would make better assets for the K9 squad than foreign breeds, if trained well. 

A trainer at the SDTS states that irrespective of the dog breed, they should be less than 3 months old, before they begin training. Of the 11 dogs being trained now, 5 are Chippiparai, 5 Kanni and 1 Mudhol Hound! This batch also includes 32 other foreign breed dogs, including 20 Belgian Malinois, 6 Labrador and 5 Beagles. In his most recent 'Mann Ki Baat' address, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also exhorted the value of the Canine soldiers and specially requested people to adopt Indian breed dogs, if they had planned on having a pet. Two Army dogs - Vida (Labrador) and Sophie (Cocker Spaniel), received the 'Chief of Army Staff Commendation Cards' on this Independence Day for the stellar duties they rendered for our country!