There have been many serial killers who have made themselves highly notorious names for themselves with their grisly antics. There have been numerous such serial killers and rapists who have been brought to justice and another such who has been given a strict sentence is the West Bengal man known widely as the 'Chain Man' for his brutal method of killing women! The 38-year-old Kamruzzaman Sarkar, has been linked with 15 cases and had been on the run till he was apprehended by the West Bengal Police, last year in June after raping and killing a 16-year-old girl! A district Court in West Bengal's East Burdwan district sentenced Kamruzzaman to death in this case!

The Chain Man has been linked to 15 cases of which two involve rape, seven murders and 6 attempts to murder. All of the crimes he committed, are said to have taken place between 2013 and 2019, till when he was apprehended and his victims were between the ages of 16 & 75! He was also charged with Penal Code sections related to robbery, in some of the cases. His modus operandi was entering houses during afternoon hours, on the pretext of checking electricity meter readings. If he found women alone in the houses, he would then attack them and strangulate them with a cycle chain and also hit them on the head with an iron rod to kill them. Some of the women who escaped his attacks, gave these gruesome details to the Police!

Kamruzzaman Sarkar's usage of the cycle chain to strangle his victims, lead to him being named the 'Chain Man'. Police investigations revealed that he would usually survey the houses for a couple of days to know when the men of the house would be away and only attack when he knew the women were alone. Sarkar hails from East Burdwan district and used to stay with his wife and three children while committing these crimes. The Police were able to track and nab him, mainly because of his superstition of using a shocking Red colour bike and matching helmet. He continued using these, despite some women escaping his attacks, as his astrologer had reportedly told him that Red was his lucky colour. The Bengal Police had formed many teams and had also obtained the help of civic volunteers to nab the Chain Man.