The name 'Atlas Cycles' has held a special place in the hearts of many Indians as several among us had used it for various purposes right from our childhood. 90s kids especially had taken a special liking to it as with other bicycle brands and when it was announced that Atlas Cycles was closing shop bringing an end to its operations on World Bicycle Day (June 3). The company issued a statement detailing the reasons as to why it was not going to resume manufacturing operations in its unit in Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Atlas Cycles in its statement said, "Post lifting of lockdown with effect from June 1, 2020, Sahibabad unit of the company is not in a position to resume manufacturing operations due to financial constraints. Hence, the workforce of the Sahibabad unit of the company will be laid off with effect from June 3, 2020, till adequate arrangement of funds is made,".

Employees who had gone to the factory were in for a shock as many state they weren't notified up ahead of any such developments and were surprised to see a notice pasted on the factory gates, which read, "...the company had been passing through a financial crisis for several years and had exhausted all its funds to keep the factory afloat. But now, there are no funds left. We are facing difficulty in arranging funds for our day-to-day operations. We are also unable to buy raw materials. In these conditions, the management is not in a position to operate the factory."

The Haryana-based company first began manufacturing bicycles in 1951 and had earlier shut down two units starting with its Malanpur unit in Madhya Pradesh in December 2014 after which operations were halted at its Sonipat unit in 2018. With the closure of the Sahibabad unit, the company has shut down its last factory. The company has had many big names who have endorsed it in the past among whom were actor Suniel Shetty and and tennis star Sania Mirza serving as its brand ambassadors. Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra also has endorsed the product.

Atlas Cycles, on the whole, has had a close association with youngsters and professionals of today and those from the 60s, 70s and the 80s, who rode it to their work and employed it for various other day-to-day purposes. Among those who have the fondest of memories with Atlas Cycles are those who used to ride on it to school everyday in the 1990s with many users on Twitter reminiscing the past and sharing their nostalgia with it. Check out some of the tweets posted by users on Twitter in memory of Atlas while bidding farewell to what many are calling was an important part of their lives: