These are unprecedented times that everybody in the world is facing! The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic has brought with it utter destruction in the form of lives lost, high rates of infection and above all, loss of livelihood due to the economic crash! The economy has taken a turn for the worse, after almost all the countries in the world imposed complete lockdowns to prevent the drastic spread of the Corona Virus. The economy has dipped and many industries have not been able to survive. Earlier, it was announced by Air India that they had asked a number of their employees to go on leave without pay, as they did not have the finances to continue paying them. Now, we hear of another drastic decision taken by India's national carrier!

Reports state that Air India has fired 48 pilots overnight, as they do not have money to pay their salaries. Of the 48 sacked pilots, few were flying, as the announcement was made. Some reports state that all these pilots had tendered their resignations before but had then withdrawn them later. The withdrawal of their resignations had been accepted by Air India but the company suddenly announced their firing by sending them a letter, late in the day! Some of these pilots had tendered their resignation as early as 2019 but had then withdrawn them within the 6 month stipulated time frame. 

The letter states Air India as telling, "The current operations are a small fraction of pre-COVID level and is unlikely tom improve in the foreseeable future. The Company is incurring huge nett losses and does not have the financial ability to pay!" Earlier, a statement from Air India, following them asking their employees to go on unpaid leave, had stated that unlike other airlines, it would not lay off their employees. The news of this sudden sacking has come as a huge shock for many people, especially the remaining Air India employees.