Most of us have gone through situations where we would have washed money notes along with our laundry by mistake. We might not have cleaned our pant or shirt pockets thoroughly and might later come to know that there had been a few banknotes in the pocket which had gotten washed along with the clothes. In most cases there would have been minor or no damages to the notes as they were within the pocket but in some cases, we would have lost the money due to damage! With the current COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic happening across the world, many people have been coming up with innovative ways to maintain their safety and avoid contracting the Virus! It has come to light that a man in South Korea, decided to wash all the money notes he had in a washing machine, to disinfect them, to avoid Corona!

How do you think this idea might have ended for him? Not too good, as reports state! The identity of the man has not been found but reports from international media state that a South Korean man from Ansan City near Seoul, tried to wash his money notes in a washing machine before heating them in a microwave to disinfect them all from the Corona Virus! However, most of the notes seem to have gotten damaged in this process and the man has apparently approached the Bank of Korea to get the damaged notes exchanged for new ones. He has been provided fresh notes worth approximately about 23 million Won, which totals to about $14,750 and amounts to lakhs in INR! 

A report from the Bank of Korea states that about 507 notes of 50,000 Won were exchanged at half value but there were a lot more unspecified amount of bills that could not be exchanged as they were heavily damaged! Even the bank officials are not sure how much money the person tried washing and lost in the process but the damages are said to be higly substantial! The bank rules state that minimally damaged notes can be exchanged at face value and at half value if the damage is more. However, if the damage is too heavy, then the bank would not exchange the notes. We hear that this money was given to the man by his friends and relatives as condolence money at a family member's funeral! This is an unfortunate case of bad decision, indeed! And, it goes to show that money laundering should never be done!