In what was supposed to be an idea that began in 2012, India planned to acquire Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) and eventually finalised a deal with the French aviation company Dassault Aviation for purchasing its Rafale Fighter Jets! After a lot of scrutiny over all the available similar aircraft in this segment, India chose Rafale over the Lockheed's F-16's, which is currently being used by Pakistan! The first batch of these Rafale fighter jets arrived in India yesterday (July 29th) and it was definitely a huge moment of pride as they were immediately inducted into the Indian Air Force's fleet!

The formal and final induction of these Rafales will happen in the latter half of August. In recent times, there have been issues between the armed forces of India and China along the Indo-China border in the Ladakh region and we hear that the Rafale jets would be immediately pressed into service along this region. Now, it looks like Pakistan has gotten spooked by India's acquisition of the Rafale fighter jets! Just a day after India received the 5 Rafale jets from France, Pakistant has commented on this development! It expressed reservations on this deal and stated that it might disturb the balance of power in the region! The Pakistan Foreign Office has issued a statement in this regard!

The statement from the Foreign Office (FO) calls upon the international community to "dissuade India from its disproportionate arms buildup, which could lead to an arms race in South Asia!" Aisha Farooqui - the Spokesperson for the FO also stated, "The world is already a witness to the bellicose and irresponsible rhetoric by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in pursuit of a revisionist agenda in the neighbourhood!" She went on to state that according to a few reports, the Rafale jets are dual-capable systems that can be used as nuclear delivery platforms. She went on to add, "It is disturbing to note that India continues to amass military capabilities beyond its genuine security requirement." Farooqui also stated that according to a reputed publication, India is the world's second largest arms importer in the world! Many other such allegation were placed by Ms. Farooqui, in her address and we guess that it definitely goes to prove that Pakistan is indeed worried!