'The Simpsons' debut on Arab TV as 'Al Shamsoons'

'The Simpsons' have made their debut on Arab TV - but they've been re-branded 'Al Shamsoons'. TV bosses made some changes to the legendary US cartoon to help ensure it's a hit across the Middle East. Lazy dad Homer has become Omar - and has been banned from munching pork and drinking beer so he is acceptable to the Muslim audience. He will now be seen snacking on Arab cookies instead of donuts and swigging a fizzy soft drink. Tearaway Bart is now called Badr, and Moe's bar has been written out of the show. Egyptian actors have been hired to read the characters voices but well-known catch-phrases like "Doh!" and "Aye Carumba!" will stay.

Michel Costandi of MBC: "I think 'The Simpsons' will open new horizons for us to the future. We are opening up a new genre of programming in the Middle East."