Sharon Stone to recreate infamous leg-crossing in sequel to 'Basic Instinct'

Sharon Stone is reportedly set to recreate her infamous leg-crossing scene in the sequel to 'Basic Instinct'. The blonde star sent pulses racing when she uncrossed her legs and bared all during the steamy police interrogation scene in the 1992 movie. According to reports, Stone - who allegedly didn't wear underwear for the racy scene - has filmed a similar episode in the follow up, 'Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction'. A photo from the film printed in Britain's Daily Express newspaper shows the actress sat in a similar position to the pose she struck before the notorious scene - further fuelling rumours she's set to do it again. Earlier this month Stone allegedly opened a new Louis Vuitton store in Paris completely naked - except for a designer coat. The sexy actress officially opened the exclusive shop, in the French capital and according to onlookers turned up with nothing on but a jacket designed by the fashion giants. One onlooker told America's New York Post newspaper: "Sharon showed up in a Louis Vuitton coat with nothing underneath. That was it - she was like a flasher! She wore it as a dress."