Sandra grateful to pushy mom!

As�kids, we resent the many things our parents force us to do -- from studies to sporting activities. But somewhere down the line, we end up thanking them for being pushy! Well, Sandra Bullock has her mum to thank for the fit figure she had now. As a child, she hated the gymnastic and dance classes her mother made her attend. But now, she knows better. "You know what, I have to say, Helga Bullock�-- a very strict German woman -- forced me in to gymnastics and dance at a young age. I hated her for it. I then continued to other athletics and now, I'm thankful for what she started. It's something that I can keep doing... I think it ebbs and flows, I gain 20 pounds, I lose 20 pounds... I'm lucky that my mother instilled something to me, it's kind of still sticking," she confesses.