Narnia's fantasy ship Dawn Treader docks at

Yes you heard it right! Anything is possible at after we adapted the fantasy world of Narnia into our website. For all you Narnia fans who look forward to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, there is an exclusive section for living your Narnia fantasies.

In the third part of the movie series, Edmund and Lucy, along with their cousin Scrubb, embark on the vessel Dawn Treader on the mysterious seas of Narnia. Why? They are in search of the seven lords who were banished to an unknown island by antagonist Miraz. Can the kids find the lords in their voyage through the many islands filled with dangers and mysteries?

The kids get sucked into the world of Narnia through a painting in their wall. So when you click here to enter the Narnia world, be careful and hold on tight! Bon voyage!