Kylie Minogue cheers herself mimicking Catherine Tate

 Kylie Minogue has been cheering herself up by mimicking British comedienne Catherine Tate's famous TV catchphrase, saying: "I have cancer - am I bovvered?" Sister Danni has revealed how the 37-year-old singer impersonates the comedienne's rebellious teenager Lauren. Danni revealed: "We love Catherine and can both do brilliant impressions of her schoolgirl. It's really keeping Kylie going."

Kylie is recuperating after chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. She recently revealed she is planning to skydive over Ayer's Rock. The singer has told friends she is determined to carry out the daring stunt because she wants to live life to the full after being diagnosed with the disease. The beautiful star is planning to travel back home to Australia as soon as she feels strong enough and wants to start organising the plane jump straight away.

She reportedly told a pal: "The time has come to live my life exactly how I want. It's something I always wanted to do."