Jodie Foster: “Movies take a lot out of you” 

Hollywood actress Jodie Foster expressed her exhaustion of acting in films. She feels the movie making process takes most of her time, leaving her without any idea about the happenings in the outside world. She admitted that she has no energy to spend more time as she had done when she was young. In a recent interview to British movie magazine Empire, she confessed, “I never have another movie to go to. Never. Some people move from movie to movie. I did that a little when I was younger, but I can't do that anymore.” Jodie added, “Movies take a lot out of you. The experience of making a movie, although it is wonderful, is completely all-encompassing. You don't read newspapers, you don't know what records are playing; in order to do what you do well, you have to be completely obsessed with it. So I need a long time off in between.”