Brad quit smoking for Angelina's children

Brad Pitt has quit smoking for the sake of Angelina Jolie's children. The Hollywood heartthrob has given up cigarettes because his stunning girlfriend doesn't like him smoking around four-year-old Maddox and baby Zahara. Brad is reportedly finding the nicotine withdrawal difficult, but sources claim Angelina is helping him every step of the way.

A friend revealed to America's People magazine: "Angelina wraps him up in love and comfort and he just calms down."

Meanwhile, Maddox has been overheard calling Brad 'Daddy'. The Cambodian-born tot was heard referring to the actor as his father during a recent day out at the Galaxyland Amusement Park in Edmonton, Canada. Onlooker Sarah Gardener revealed: "Maddox was looking around at all the rides and he said, 'Daddy, can we go on that?'"