Shameik Moore as Miles Morales is a school student, he gets bit by a radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Man. After that, he gets introduced to various Spidey from different dimensions. How they all save the world from a menacing villain forms the remaining story.

Being an animated Spider-Man flick, the film has been approached in a smart comic book style. Concepts to maintain the comics visual tone and dialogue appearing on screen as quotes are fascinating. Almost every scene is filled with well-written and slickly executed ideas which offer a lot of entertainment. The core is the same save-the-world stuff but bringing in characters from multiple dimensions to take the story forward is unique.

Late Stan Lee’s cameo appearance is indeed an emotional moment for the fans. The dialogues are sharp, mainly the hilarious ones work out to a large extent and provide laughter regularly through the progression, the situations also make way for inducing fun. The narration is splendid and perfect for the kids and also for those who read the comic books of Marvel franchise. The screenplay is gripping as something or the other keep hitting us which are within the sensible zone.

The directors have delivered the film with the utmost passion, there is no lethargicness in the making. All the five Spider-Man characters have been strongly built with a properly packaged introduction and send-off scenes. But, the other characters such as the relatives of the Spidey gang have no big importance in the storyline. And, the villain characters could have been designed in a better way as they leave only a small impact. The pre-climax fight sequence could have been crisper.

The technical values of the movie are outstanding. The camera work idea is a sweet surprise and kudos to the person who suggested it. Background music is effective for the situations and felt it was unique at some places. Editing is superb and the cuts made narrate the story in an even more stylish way. The combination scenes of the Spider-Man are enjoyable. The 3D effect is just average. Last but not least, the work of the VFX team is tremendous.

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