Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review (2019)


Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review - Galatta

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Cast & Crew

Cast : Vera Farmiga,
Production : New Line Cinema

The conjuring franchise is turning out to be extremely stupid burdened neither by fresh ideas nor common sense. The recent release Annabelle Comes Home has super lazy screenplay with hardly any scares. It has a dumb story line and the writing is so shallow. Just because, the franchise mints money like hell, the makers cannot be producing one crappy film after another. The film basically jams a few teen comedies into a minimalist haunted scenario.

Demonologists Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren lock their possessed doll Annabelle in an artifacts room in their home. They have placed Annabelle behind a sacred glass. On one unholy day, when Ed and Lorraine leave their ten-year daughter with a young teen girl and her friend, Annabelle is let loose. How her evil spirit awakens and how these kids get rid of this situation is what Annabelle Come Home is all about.

Annabelle Comes Home doesn’t have one quality scary scene, it is pretty much of all the previous jump scares helped with a powerful re-recording. If not for the music, Annabelle would have been nothing but a parody of horror movies. There is absolutely no investment made towards the film, why not work hard on finding a few interesting scenes to make people’s time worth it. They cannot run the show with such mediocre films that doesn’t engage the audience at any level.

If you are looking for simple teen thriller, then may be this edition of Annabelle might not disappoint you but for those who are looking for more substantial scares, they may want to wait for the next Conjuring movies. The series is getting too conventional and they need a special film to give back life to this never-ending hit series. Gary Dauberman’s lethargic screenplay is a big downer, the film takes so long to get moving and only towards the mid-way mark, the plot starts, until that point, the film offered nothing but teen love story. Do you expect a love story in a horror film like Annabelle? Surely Annabelle can do more than offer up a couple of creepy grins before calling it a day. 

Verdict: Dull, boring and definitely not scary!

Galatta Rating: ( 2 /5.0 )

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