Bit is an indie horror coming-of-age dark comedy film written and directed by Brad Michael Elmore. The film stars Nicole Maines, Diana Hopper, James Paxton, Zolee Griggs, Friday Chamberlain, Char Diaz, Tiffany Milian, and MC Gainey. Bit is produced by Nicholas Cafritz, Robert Reed Peterson, Louis Steyn, TJ Steyn, and Peter Winther for the banner of Provocator Films. The makers have planned to release Brad Michael Elmore's Bit direct-to-VOD starting April 24, 2020, and the official trailer has been released.

Bit is the story of Laurel (Nicole Maines), a teenage transgender girl who moves to Los Angeles and falls in with a gang of intersectional feminist vampires. Not knowing if they want to kill her, befriend her or turn her, Laurel learns to understand the love and dangers of her new and first group of friends. 

Check out the trailer of Bit below,

Bit MovieBit MovieBit Movie

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