In a startling revelation, a private hospital in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh had its licence suspended after a video went viral on social networking forums showing a staff member offering a fake COVID-19 report. The video, which showed an individual saying the COVID-19 negative report can be provided for Rs 2,500, led to instant action from the Meerut District Magistrate, Anil Dhingra, who stated a case has already been registered while the licence of the nursing home has been suspended. An order was also issued for the medical facility to be sealed as well. He further went on to say that strict action will be enforced against those who indulge in such activities during the coronavirus pandemic crisis. 

Meerut CMO Rajkumar too issued a statement regarding the scam saying the video shows a man from the hospital saying to another person that the COVID-19 negative report can be arranged following which the individual can get an operation or other things done as well. The video further shows the hospital staff member receiving Rs 2,000 with the individual assuring the remaining Rs 500 will be paid once the report arrives. The person speaking in the video has reportedly been identified while an order for the suspension of the hospital's licence has been issued. An FIR has also been registered with the police in this regard. 

Meerut has recorded a total of 1,117 coronavirus cases so far, with 69 deaths linked to the disease while 772 people have made a recovery. Uttar Pradesh, in total, has registered 28,061 COVID-19 cases to date with the state reporting 785 deaths and 18,761 recoveries. Gautam Buddha Nagar topped the state's list for the most number of cases till Sunday with 2,785 cases followed by Ghaziabad with 2,224 cases, Lucknow with 1,448 cases, Kanpur Nagar with 1,364 cases and Agra with 1,291 cases. 

Below is the video showing the hospital staff member offering COVID-19 fake report for Rs 2,500: