The world's largest coronavirus facility is set to be put up at Delhi for the treatment of patients affected by the fatal disease. The nation's capital had recorded 93 deaths till Tuesday evening with the city's total positive COVID-19 infection cases coming up to 44,688 with 1,837 people declared dead in total to date. The Delhi government is now stepping up their efforts to increase the capacity of beds in the city's hospitals by converting South Delhi's Radha Soami Spiritual Centre into a coronavirus care facility. 

This facility centre will have over 200 halls and more than 10,000 beds with the area estimated to be as large as 22 football fields. Accommodation for the doctors too will be provided on one side of the newly-erected coronavirus facility, which is expected to be ready by June 30 for treating patients affected by the disease. A health official for the centre in a statement said, "It is being constructed with tents. It will have adequate lighting and fans. Coolers will also be installed in each hall,".

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal paid a visit to the Radha Soami Satsang centre on Sunday and was given a short tour of the spiritual centre-turned-coronavirus facility with technical information. The Delhi government is looking at further options to increase the number of beds in as many as 40 hotels and 77 banquet halls in the city with plans to add around 15,800 beds at the earliest. It is to be noted that 8,000 beds are being added for the city's coronavirus patients in around five hundred converted railway coaches.