The Ministry of Health and Welfare has kept the citizens of the nation informed regarding every single development related to the novel coronavirus across India with the nation's recovery rate reported to be at 56.70%. So far, over 2,59,000 people have made a recovery from COVID-19 across the country out of the more than 4,56,000 positive cases and the death toll going up to nearly 14,500. 

At present, Rajasthan is topping the states across India with its recovery rate for coronavirus, which stands at 78.15% and is better in comparison to the national average, as per the Union Health Ministry's latest data released. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Wednesday said that 15,627 people have been infected by COVID-19 in the desert state with 12,213 patients making a recovery. Furthermore, the Health Ministry's coronavirus dashboard also shows that 10,495 people overall have been discharged from hospitals across the country in the course of the last 24 hours. 

Below is the list of the top 10 Indian states showing the best recovery rate from coronavirus:
RAJASTHAN: The North Indian desert state stands tall at the top with a recovery rate of 78.15% and is proving to be a big positive example for the rest of the country with 12,213 patients being discharged among the 15,627 recorded cases. 

MADHYA PRADESH: The central state has recorded a recovery rate of 76.13% with 9,335 COVID-19 patients recovering so far after 12,261 infections were reported. 

BIHAR: With 8,153 coronavirus cases recorded, 6,104 patients have been cured in Bihar taking the state's recovery rate to 74.86%.

ODISHA: The number of people discharged from Odisha's hospitals has gone up to 3,988 after 5,470 patients tested positive for coronavirus, which has now taken the state's recovery rate to 72%.

GUJARAT: One of the worst-affected states in the country due to COVID-19, Gujarat is showing progress in terms of the number of patients recovered as 20,153 people out of 28,371 infectious cases have gone back home from hospitals taking the western state's recovery rate to 72.30%.

JHARKHAND: So far, 2,185 coronavirus positive cases have been recorded in Jharkhand with 1,520 patients recovering and taking the eastern state's recovery rate to 69.56%. 

PUNJAB: Punjab's recovery rate has gone up to 69.29% after 3,047 people out of the 4,397 patients beat the infection. 

CHHATTISGARH: Chhattisgarh COVID-19 recovery rate has risen to 65.74% as 1,553 out of 2,362 patients in hospitals were discharged as on Wednesday morning.

ASSAM: The northeastern state of Assam has recorded a recovery rate of 64.51% as 3,762 coronavirus patients have been discharged out of the 5,831 who were hospitalised. 

UTTAR PRADESH: The most populous state all across India, Uttar Pradesh recovery rate has gone up to 64.12% as 12,116 people have been cured after 18,893 positive coronavirus cases were recorded.