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2Point0 Is A Cinematic Marvel! - Celebrities Review Rajinikanth's Biggie!

Rajinikanth\'s 2Point0 Is India\'s costliest venture with an estimated budget of almost 550 crores!

Updated On : 2018-11-29 20:42:00 IST
By : Lokesh RV

The long wait came to an end on Thursday as Superstar Rajinikanth's magnum opus venture 2Point0 cameout on the bigscreens. The movie hasmade a great impact with its positivereviews and directorShankar'shard workin thepast threeyears has paid off. Bollywood starAkshay Kumar has made a grand entry into Kollywood with a solid performance. 2Point0 made under the banner of Lyca Production is touted to become a huge blockbuster and set a new benchmark in the Indian cinema box-office.

As fans celebrating the movie with all the love celebrities have also come out with word on the mega projects. Here are some of the tweets,

#2Point0 one of @shankarshanmugh ‘s Best film... mesmerise us to believe implausible for 2:30hrs. Enjoyed... congrats to the Team @LycaProductions

— anand k v (@anavenkat) November 29, 2018

Just out of the first show of #2Point0 madness, stampede... stupendous response to @shankarshanmugh superstar @rajinikanth and @arrahman and yours moi... the film is on its way to a super duper hit!

— resul pookutty (@resulp) November 29, 2018

#2Point0 verithanam overloaded...
Thalaivaaaaaa...U r Mind-blowing & u really set the screens on FIRE!!@shankarshanmugh sir & superb team has made an EPIC & raises the benchmark of Indian films to TOP like Kings...Hats Off!! A film to Celebrate for all of us, is HERE..o���o���o�™�o�™�o���

— karthik subbaraj (@karthiksubbaraj) November 29, 2018

#2point0 OUT OF THE WORLD EXPERIENCE . ALL INDIAN BOX OFFICE RECORDS WILL BE REWRITTEN o�"� Bow down to Thalaivar @rajinikanth , The Master @shankarshanmugh , @akshaykumar @arrahman @LycaProductions @iamAmyJackson and the thousands of ppl involved !
Feel like watching on repeat o���

— Anirudh Ravichander (@anirudhofficial) November 29, 2018

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.0 IS OUT OF THIS WORLD !!!!!!!!! o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���o�™�o���

— soundarya rajnikanth (@soundaryaarajni) November 28, 2018

Exhilarating experience, #2Point0 in 3D. Great visualisation & fabulous execution by @shankarshanmugh sir. Hats off @arrahman and the whole team. @rajinikanth sir is #Thalaivar for a reason ! Simply wow ! @MuraliRamasamy4 @ThenandalFilms

— Hema Rukmani (@Hemarukmani1) November 29, 2018

Thank q @shankarshanmugh saar!!! Whatta vision saaro�™�o���o�™�o��� Mind blown !!! #2point0 It’s a treat for us #thalaivarfans must watch in 3D!! can’t wait for #3point0 hats off #team2point0

— venkat prabhu (@vp_offl) November 29, 2018

#2point0 is pride of Indian cinema!Scientist @shankarshanmugh sir is master of futuristic vision!! Reloaded & Overloaded! #Thalaivar @rajinikanth blasts out with the data-style & masso���@akshaykumar sir’s & @iamAmyJackson has nailed each and every bit!! Huge respecto�™�o��� @LycaProductions

— kathir (@am_kathir) November 29, 2018

#2Point0 is a cinematic marvel from the limitless imagination of @shankarshanmugh !! And #Thalaivar @rajinikanth is THE KING of mass forever! o��Za�So���

— Balaji Mohan (@directormbalaji) November 29, 2018

#2Point0 is a 'big screen' experience one cannot afford to miss. Pushes the boundaries of the audio & visual medium. Hats off to the entire team. Awestruck!

— Karthick Naren (@karthicknaren_M) November 29, 2018

SuperStar na summava.. Thalaivaaaa @rajinikanth super excellent fantastic Bhalleo���o���o���. Extraordinary performance in every frame n every scene. @shankarshanmugh sir wattaaaa man,his hard work shows thru the film, worth the waito�™�o���@arrahman sir respect n @akshaykumar da man o���o���

— krishna (@Actor_Krishna) November 29, 2018


Proved today by @shankarshanmugh

Hard work
Love for film lovers !
All put together in the right proportions to giv us a gargantuan theatre experience!

Proud Day for Indian film industryo���

— Vignesh ShivN (@VigneshShivN) November 29, 2018

#OneWordReview#2Point0: BLOCKBUSTER.
Rating: a��i��a��i��a��i��a��i��a��i��#2Point0 is a cinematic marvel... This has data-style with substance... Director Shankar is a visionary... He hits the ball out of the park this time... Akshay Kumar is FANTASTIC, while Rajinikanth is THE BOSS... SALUTE!

— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) November 29, 2018

#2point0 go enjoy the experience at the theatres!
To @rajinikanth sir @shankarshanmugh sir @akshaykumar sir and the Entire team Thanku for bringing this spectacle to life. @LycaProductions awesome 👏 🤖 #TheSuperOne 💫💪

— Vikram Prabhu (@iamVikramPrabhu) November 29, 2018