Sivakarthikeyan was launched in Tamil Cinema by director Pandiraj through Marina and the rest is history. They later worked on Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga which was a successful commercial entertainer at the box office. The duo have joined hands for the third time now through Namma Veettu Pillai, a rural family drama produced by Sun Pictures. This film got the attention of the family audiences through its emotional trailer and the promos that followed. The film has now hit the screens and here is our review on this Pandiraj directorial.

Arumpon (Sivakarthikeyan) and his sister Thulasi (Aishwarya Rajesh) share a very strong and emotional relationship that is deeply connected. Things turn nastier and complicated when her marriage comes into play. What problems do Arumpon and Thulasi face and how do they overcome it forms the rest of the plot. The problems that could arise in a big joint family is explored in Namma Veettu Pillai. The film has a very thin line but what makes it interesting is the neatly packed screenplay.

Sivakarthikeyan has got what he missed in his previous two movies and NVP should do the needful for him. SK holds the film with his screen presence and an emotionally moving performance. Sivakarthikeyan has gone a step higher with his act and that is evident through a lot of scenes. He is in top form throughout the film, especially with the last two scenes, one in the house and another in the panchayat. Aishwarya Rajesh on the other hand scores naturally with her innocent performance. The relationship between SK and Aishwarya is beautifully established right from the beginning and with convincing performances from the duo, the feel just got better.

Natty has delivered a justifying performance in a character that has negative shades. Anu Emmanuel fulfills the responsibilities of a heroine in a commercial potboiler by appearing in a few romantic scenes and one duet song. Legendary director Bharathiraja is an asset to NVP's star cast and he breathes air to the character. One will definitely connect to his / her grandfather at leastin one moment after witnessing Bharathiraja's performance. Soori is properly utilized by Pandiraj and his comedies do bring laughs. Pandiraj's son is a delight to watch on screen. The young kid lightens up the mood with his counters.

The emotional scenes are sure to catch the pulse of the family audience and the womenfolk. At the same time, a section of youngsters might feel the melodrama that is seen through a few scenes. With a setting and familiar premise like this, it is a highly challenging task to engage the audience, but Pandiraj does it in data-style understanding the taste of the family audience. The emotions are rightly handled without going over the top and that is what keeps NVP interesting and engaging. Pandiraj has stayed true to the film's genre giving an honest product that has the potential to connect with the audience. NVP's story is not something that we haven't seen before, but the emotions that are handled will definitely makes the difference. With the natural performances from the lead actors, the impact only gets much better.

On the downside, one would also feel the flashback does not give the intended impact and falls flat. That is probably one part where the audience might feel less engaged. Also, the Jigiri Dosthu song doesn't lend the helping hand and there is no purpose to it. The initial few scenes in the first half also travel low key. The romantic portions between SK and Anu Emmanuel looked uninteresting as well.

D Imman's music is a backbone for NVP. While the songs add up to the commercial element, the background score is well orchestrated. The re-recording plays a major role in uplifting the film's emotions. Ace lensman Nirav Shah enhances the visual quality of Namma Veettu Pillai through his work. Nirav delivers what is expected of him. Ruben does his part well, but the first half could have been a little crispier. Director Pandiraj has penned an engaging screenplay that is neatly fused with all the commercial elements making it a fairly entertaining family drama. NVP is surely a winner among the family audience!


Namma Veettu Pillai is an entertaining emotional family drama that is sure to work big!

Galatta Rating: (3 / 5.0)