The weekly grievance meeting, which was held at the Perambalur collectorate on Monday saw a singular tragic incident of crop loss. A 65-year-old woman has sought assistance for crop loss after a shop keeper allegedly handed her out herbicide instead of pesticide.

According to the New Indian Express, 65-year-old Papathai, a farmer for the past 10 years, was widowed a few years ago and had been living alone. She takes care of her farm - a 1.5-acre plot - by herself and had reportedly sown paddy for this term. According to the petition the lady submitted, she had bought an insecticide from a vendor in her village. Two days after using the pesticide, she found her crops withered. She then approached the vendor to find out what had happened but was allegedly ignored.

The woman had reportedly taken a loan of 50,000 to look after the crop and now wanted the government to help her in some way.

The Peramablur Agricultural Officer has promised to look into the petition and send officials for an inspection. If there indeed had been a mixup, there would be immediate action, he said.