In another account of wedding-related crimes from the gun-wielding Uttar Pradesh, which also ranks one in crimes against women, a wedding dancer was shot in the face for having taken a minute's pause while dancing onstage. The incident allegedly would have been hushed up, if a video of the culprits shooting her down hadn't gone viral.

The woman, who was given medical attention, is reportedly stable now. According to sources, the incident happened in Chithrakoot on December 1. The video surfaced the next day and turned viral over the week, forcing the police to file a case. It is alleged that the police had initially colluded with the accused, with the wedding party helping the culprits flee and hushing the matter up.

Two people - identified as Sudhir Singh and Phool Singh - have been arrested. A third accused - named Ajith Singh - is on the run.

The video shows the 22-year-old dancer gyrating for a few seconds before taking a pause as a result of somebody walking up to the dais. A man could be heard yelling "goli chal jayegi" (bullet will fly) and then later another one saying "goli chala hi do" (let a bullet fly). The woman crumples minutes after that, holding her face. She is currently stable and under care at a hospital in Kanpur. A similar incident occurred in 2016 in the northern state of Punjab, when a pregnant woman was killed after she was shot in the stomach while performing a dance at a wedding.