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Incredibles 2 Movie Review

Incredibles 2 is a 2018 American 3D computer-animated superhero film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Written and directed by Brad Bird, it is the sequel to 2004's The Incredibles and second installment of the film series.

A superhero family fight against a baddie called the ‘Screenslaver’ to save the world from destruction. Much seen plot but the approach is different here.

Kudos to the filmmaker for conceiving the genre well and delivering the product with excellence. Direction skill at its best as the presentation has perfect clarity. Script is quite usual and the animation idea happens to be the key here.

Just like the prequel, there’s no limit for entertainment in this chapter too. Progression has minimal dips at times but the packaging is so strong and as a whole there are loads of gripping elements. Dialogues are eccentric and appears as a pleasant surprise which taps the instant laugh factor.

Comedy quotient is filled throughout the movie and also the emotions come into limelight at necessary places to switch zones in a regular basis. The joy and struggle of parenting is shown in a sensible manner. There are many clap worthy episodes which strikes big at perfect timing.

Animation work is great and the reactions of lead roles are captured in scintillating way. Characters are extremely powerful and the audience have connect with them right from the beginning. So the impact is high in the later stage of the film.

Contribution from the cinematographer and editor are equally good. Michael Giacchino’s background score deserves a special mention for his unique treatment to the flow. CG is astonishing as usual that catches the eye. Stunt choreography has to be praised as the action scenes are wonderfully made.

Villain character’s writing could have been much more intense. Also, twist that is revealed towards the end is kind of predictable. Few moments are somewhat repetitive. 3D effect has nothing exceptional to impress the kids.

There are many mass overloaded elements in the film that will give goosebumps for the fans. Appreciation for giving the lady character elastigirl more importance. And the naughty baby is rollicking fun to watch. Lead to the next sequel is conveyed in swag manner.

Thumbs Up

Characters are strong

Visual experience is ultimate

Thoroughly entertaining screenplay

Equal dosage of comedy and emotional quotient

Thumbs Down

Antagonist role is weak

Script is regular

Few dull moments in the middle


Fun-filled animated action entertainer loaded with sufficient surprises.

Galatta Rating: (3.6 / 5.0)