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You can choose from various options to promote your products or services on our network of portals. The options we provide as of now are banners, sponsored sections, microsites, newsletters and pop-ups.

To advertise on our network of portals a customized ad banner is required. You could either give your customized banner of your product or service or if you wish we can create one for you. We create the banner at your own discretion and liking, but we encourage you to suggest any ideas in regard to its final appearance.


Type of Banner Dimensions (pixels) Banner memory in kb Banner format
Top Banner 234 x 60 5 kb .gif / .jpg / .swf
Leaderboard 728 x 90 15 kb .gif / .jpg / .swf
Skyscraper 120 x 600 15 kb .gif / .jpg / .swf
Vertical banner 120 x 240 5 kb .gif / .jpg / .swf
Mini leaderboard 624 x 90 8 kb .gif / .jpg / .swf
Footer banner 120 x 60 3 kb .gif / .jpg / .swf
Rectangular banner 300 x 250 5 kb .gif / .jpg / .swf
Music player Banner 468 x 60 5 kb .gif / .jpg / .swf
Toggling Banner 374 x 220 10 kb .gif / .jpg
Video ad 240 x 180 below 1 mb .flv
Audio ad 30 sec 20 kb .rm
Sky Scrapers (Zones) - The Zones are like semi vertical banners of your product or service which can either place on one of our sections or be one which carries one or more links to your site as well as our sponsored sections.

Sponsored Sections

Section sponsorship: There are various macro sections in the sites such as "Movies", "Discussion Forum", "Greetings", as well as sub sections such as "Pop Corn Time", "Worth the Wait", "Hits and Misses", etc. We can redesign the section to have your Product banners showing to all viewers of those sections.

ChatChat sponsorship: We have a weekly celebrity chat session on every Saturday evening which is usually between 6 pm and 9 pm. This is another place where we can advertise your brands. A pop-up window of your brand of product or service also automatically loads in each browser window of the users who log onto for the celebrity chat.

ContestContest sponsorship: We have a special section for contests on our portal. This is a collection of various contests to keep our users entertained. This is another place where there is a great amount of interactivity between the users and your brands. The contest will be based upon a theme and concept the sponsor wishes for or we can also come up with the concept of the contest for the sponsor. Sometimes the contests are conducted in a survey based manner which provides feedback for the sponsor regarding their product or service.


MicrositeGalatta Microsites sponsorship: Once a week we put up at least one microsite on the latest movies or movie based events that happen. This is one of the most popular sections of our portal. Here, we individually design sections to suit various movies and events. This is an ideal place to put up multiple hidden links back to your brand in addition to your brand presence on all the pages of the microsite.
View the IBP Parthaale Paravasam Microsite | Gold Winner Aalavandaan Microsite


Newletter Sponsorship: We have more than 8,00,000 registered users currently and we can send a completely sponsored Newsletter to them. You can co-brand your product or service in these newsletters. This is another place for placing your product banners for maximum visibility. The cost for this is even cheaper than the cost of postage these days! View our HTML mails

Newletter Advertisements:
Newsletters are sent to galatta members on a periodic basis. The newsletters are sent in as HTML mails and Non-HTML Mails. You can promote your product or service through banners, which you can choose from the types of banners available.

City Portals Advertisements

In order to cater to the local Tamilnadu viewers and their Diaspora, we have created a group of city centric portals for Tamilnadu. The Group comprises 55 city portals from to These portals give useful information about the cities and attract most of the local Internet population to check them out. The Tamil Diaspora also log on from all over the world to see the goings-on in their "OWN" city portal. These portals also give tourist information for travelers and others.