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Review - Udhayam NH4 (2013)

Udhayam NH4 [ April 19, 2013 ]
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With so many big names associated with Udhayam, we are sure everyone would walk into the theatre with high expectations.

Udhayam is jointly produced by Vetri Maaran's Grassroot Film Company and Dhayanidhi Alagiri's Meeka Entertainment, and has been distributed by Udhayanidhi Stalin's Red Giant Movies! One of the major aspects that sets the bar high, is the reputation and talent of actor Siddharth. The lead characters in the movie are Prabhu (Siddharth), Rithika (Ashritha) and Manoj Menon (Kay Kay Menon). The story is about Prabhu, studying engineering at Bangalore and a Kannadiga girl Rithika, the daughter of a powerful politician (Avinash), in Karnataka. Prabhu and his friends plan and kidnap Rithika, and the responsibility of bringing her back is given by her father to the encounter specialist Manoj Menon. As he investigates the case, and gets hot on the trail of Prabhu, he comes to know that it is not exactly a kidnap case. He finds that Rithika and Prabhu are lovers, and they have actually eloped together. That is when the road chase begins, and it is a constant battle of wits between Manoj and Prabhu, as the cat and mouse chase takes place on the Bangalore-Chennai Highway, NH4. What happens to Rithika, whose father will go to any lengths to safeguard his political career? Who finally wins the cat and mouse battle? What significance does the midnight hold for Rithika and Prabhu? Well, you have to watch Udhayam on the big screens to find that out.

The best part of the movie is the road chase, and the constant thrill of the battle between Siddharth and Kay Kay Menon is very exciting. The storyline overall is good but there are a few bumps on this road for sure. The dubbing in the movie could have been better, as when you have such a professional actor like Siddharth you cannot help but think that his own voice could have been used. The movie is bilingual and subtitles have been given for the scenes where other languages are used. There are a few disjoints in the screenplay, as it continually shifts between the past and the present, so if you don’t pay attention to the movie closely you might miss the connect. Siddharth shows his versatility by playing the role of an optimistic and confident college boy to perfection! When we think of the actors who would fit such a bill, Siddharth is one of the very few whose name will cross your mind! Ashritha, who is extremely adorable, pulls of the role of an innocent and impulsive modern college girl very well; and we are sure that this will definitely be a very good debut for the actress. Kay Kay Menon is one of the biggest pluses to this movie! The character he plays contains multiple shades, and the most endearing part is the family oriented side to his character, that he was portrayed very well. The scenes where Siddharth and his friends make merry, are very humorous and evoked quite a few laughs.

As usual, cinematographer Velraj does a very good job by matching up to the director’s vision, but we are sure that his best is yet to come. The screenplay and script, despite the constant shifting to the past and present, and some disjoints are good on the whole. Kudos to Vetri Maaran. Director Manimaran, a former associate of Vetri Maaran is making his debut with this movie, and he more than makes up for the minor disjoints, by giving us a thrilling chase. Kishore's editing could have been a tad tighter, considering the work we have seen in his previous projects. G.V. Prakash lives up to all our expectations, by doing an amazing job with the background scores and the songs as well. The soft and mellow ‘Yaaro Ivan’ is very pleasing and the peppy ‘Ora Kannala’ by Gaana Bala are huge hits already.

Overall, this exciting movie is definitely worth a watch. Udhayam NH4 is a perfect ride with the twists and turns there to thrill you, barring the minor bumps along the highway.

Reviewed by Trijai Nerthi