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Review - Rummy (2014)

Rummy [ January 31, 2014 ]
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The much awaited Vijay Sethupathi, Inigo Prabhakaran, Ishwarya and Gayathri starrer Rummy, has hit screens across the world, today!

The movie set in 1987, opens to Sakthi (Inigo Prabhakaran) receiving a call letter from a college. This not being his first choice of college, he reluctantly joins it. On the day of admission, he accidentally bumps into Meenakshi (Gayathri), and it is love at first sight for him. Sakthi's hostel room mate is Joseph (Vijay Sethupathi), and their classmate is Arunachalam (Soori). Meenakshi also happens to be in their class, and another of their classmate's Syed, has set his eyes on her. One fine day, Joseph gets a telegram from his uncle and rushes off to his village. The village that Meenakshi hails from has very strict rules and does not allow for love to blossom and deals with it very violently. In a sudden turn of events Syed decides to take on Sakthi, and in the ensuing melee Syed and Joseph are forced to move out of the hostel. They take up residence in the same village as Meenakshi, and here Joseph falls for Sornam (Ishwarya), at first sight. Sakthi leaves to his village regarding some property issue, and when he gets back, he finds that his whole world has turned upside down, and Joseph is missing... Where has Joseph gone? How will the youngsters face the villager's wrath if they find out about their love? What is the reason for the deep bonding between Joseph and Sakthi? What is the relation between Meenakshi and Sornam? How will things unravel? Watch Rummy on the big screens to know!

Director Balakrishnan. K has developed Rummy along the lines of two love stories set in a village that does not accept love. The first half moves along pleasantly, albeit a little slowly. The second half moves at a rapid pace, as things begin unravelling. The movie is out and out Inigo Prabhakaran's and he has done a wonderful job. Vijay Sethupathi has breezed through his role and given a subtle performance. Ishwarya has gotten herself a powerful role and excels in it. Gayathri as the delicate and lovely Meenakshi, impresses. Soori and Senrayan could have been utilised better. Though the individual performances are outstanding, they don't gel together. The screenplay is very slow and long drawn out... The second half is a bit too cliched and despite the director trying to hold on to an element of surprise, it eventually seems too much along the expected lines. Music is outstanding and Imman's melodies touch the heart. The cinematography by C. Premkumar is refreshing and showcases some unseen beautiful locations from the south regions of Tamil Nadu. 

Rummy - despite wonderful individual performances, fails to keep the viewer engrossed...