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Review - Naangam Pirai (2013)

Naangam Pirai [ March 02, 2013 ]
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This Tamil dubbed version of the Malayalam movie Dracula 2012, is a novel attempt! The acclaimed director Vinayan, has followed up on his recent trend of Horror movies with this flick! This movie follows the trend of the legendary Bram Stoker's Dracula! The mvie starts with the young couple of Roy and Priya, going on a honeymoon to Transylvania! Piqued by curiousity, Roy dwelves into Count Dracula's haunted castle, and becomes possessed by the Count's spirit, and turns into a blood-thirsty vampire! He starts out on a killing spree, starting with Priya, in search of his long-lost lady love! Along predictable lines, into the story come a demon-slayer (Prabhu), and the holy priest who assists him (Nassar)!

Director Vinayan has tried to regionalise the legendary Dracula, and has substituted werewolves with menacing hunting dogs! Ganja Karuppu and Manobala have been roped in to give the comic relief, while Sana Oberoi and Shraddha Das add to the glam quotient! Aryan plays the good guy, seeking to end the Dracula's terror! Cameraman Satish (who handled the camera for Ambuli 3D), has captured the lovely locales of Transylvania, and scenic places of India through his lens! The veterans Vinayan, Nassar and Prabhu, bolster the movie with their performances! Sudhir Sukumaran as the menacing Dracula is apt for the role! The 3D effect and the Computer Graphics are just superb in the initial sequences, and make for some wonderful viewing! The horror feel and the dark mood of the movie are well maintained by the flow of scenes.

All in all, a wonderful attempt to recreate the menacing Dracula, originally given life by Bram Stoker! Definitely warrants a watch!