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Review - Charulatha (2012)

Charulatha [ September 21, 2012 ]
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Priyamani's Charulatha, coming from Hansraj Saxena's Sax Pictures, and Produced by Global One Studiosis one of the most anticipated films in Tamil and Kannada. The film, which has Priyamani as conjoined twins, is said to be an adaptation of the Thai horror movie Alone.

The film opens in the beautiful locales of Srinagar, where everyone is getting ready to celebrate the birthday of Charu (Priyamani). The strange fact is that Charu is staying with her lover Ravi (Skanda) for two years but they are not married yet. Meanwhile, Charu's mom (Saranya Ponvannan) suddenly experiences many strange things happening around her, and becomes hospitalized, after seeing something shocking. So, Charu comes to see her mom in her native, Vedaranyam. Charu and Latha, conjoined twins for over 20 years, are operated upon and separated, but Latha dies during the operation.

Charu also finds strange things happening at her mom's house, and is suspicious of some supernatural being, making all this happen. Ravi also comes to Vedaranyam, and after initially not believing, accepts that Latha's spirit is haunting the place and seems to be trying to take revenge on Charu. The initially disbelieving Ravi, also brings his psychiatrist aunt (Seetha), to check Charu! Though all the reports state she is normal, she just cannot shake off the feeling that something haunts her. And then Charu begins to narrate her childhood story to Ravi's aunt.

Latha is bold while Charu is timid and silent, ever since their childhood. They meet Ravi at a violin school, and both develop a special affection for him. But who does Ravi like? Charu or Latha? What really happened to separate the conjoined twins? Is it really Latha, who died? Can the tantric (Ravishankar) resolve all issues and restrict the supernatural? To catch all the chills and thrills, at every twist in the story, get to the theatres!

The veteran actresses, Saranya Ponvannan and Seetha have breezed through their roles, though they have very small roles! Master Manjunath as Manga and Aarthi provide the comic relief! Skandha as Ravi, has done justice to his role! However, the show-stealer is Priyamani! As the polar opposites, timid Charu and strong Latha, Priyamani is just fabulous! She brings out the difference in the 2 characters that she portrays! Looking slim and sexy, Priyamani gives a wonderful performance! Even though the whole movie belongs to her, she has literally carried off the second half, single-handedly! Kudos to her! Produced by Ramesh Krishnamoorthi, Pon Kumaran has handled the screenplay and direction of Charulatha, well! Though at certain points, the screenplay could have been kept taut, the twists and turns keep the viewers guessing, and on the edge of their seats! Sundar C. Babu's music is haunting! The music just grows on you, and makes you hum! The graphics have been wonderfully done, especially in all the scenes where Priyamani appears as conjoined twins!

Overall, Charulatha lives up to all the buzz that was surrounding the movie, right from the time it was announced, and is a must watch!