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Namitha's dress change videos

  Namitha's dress change videos
By Prasanna Singh [ December 27, 2008 ]

Namitha’s dress change videos

With�the forthcoming�New Year celebrations revving up everyone's testesterone, perhaps someone�challenged his buddies that he would be able to create the hoax of 2008 and thus was born the�rumour about Namitha’s dress changing videos and clippings!

All rumours about a new video on the internet featuring Namitha changing her clothes in a caravan�are�made of whole cloth, i.e. a total bluff. But this rumour has hurt the actress very much.�Currently busy with Jaganmohini, she is�getting in touch with media personnel through her PROs to�scotch all these rumours.

Sources close to Namitha say she is well aware that such�embarassing incidents�could happen�if an actress is not careful and vigilant;�so she scans the rooms or caravans given to her thoroughly. Then, only after�confirming there is no camera hidden anywhere, she�changes�her outfits�or relaxes. The actress has become very cautious, like all other actresses, ever since news about videos (shot with hidden cameras) began circulating showing Trisha taking a bath. Since then,�Trisha is said to search even dustbins for any hidden cameras!

It is a pity that Kollywood actresses, who work so hard and earn so much glory, have to live�paranoid lives.