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Water Week in Alliance Francaise

   Water Week in Alliance Francaise By Prasanna Singh [ March 27, 2009 ]

Water Week in Alliance Francaise

On the occasion of Environmental Month, Alliance Francaise of Madras collaborates with Bangalore Film Society to bring you a short film festival which will make you exclaim “What a Water Week?!”

Held between March 6th and 9th, the festival showcases exemplary short films and documentaries that deal with several topics ranging from the greatest pleasures that this elixir of life can offer to how mankind affects the ecosystem trying to harness its potential.

Raga of River Narmada: Visually stunning, Raga of River Narmada is director Janglay’s poetry in motion. Showcasing the beauty of Narmada with traditional music Dhrupad in the background, Raga of River Narmada touches your soul.

Jal Tarangini: Conceived and produced by Students and Teachers of Christel House India, the film opens a door to the concert by Mother Nature –waves splashing, rain’s patter, puddles plop and splash. It makes the viewers yearn for the rainy season!

Kandivili: A river saga: Produced and directed by Amrit Gangar, the film shows the beauty of human imagination. Through the story of nymphs masquerading as ducks, it makes one think before hunting them! The film draws an analogy to the precious loss the mankind suffers each time it eradicates what it deems as a replaceablesegment of the ecosystem.

The Black River: Made by Surendra Manan, The Black River speaks about one man’s vision – to clean the polluted Kali Bein river – which snowballs into a revolution.

My Name is Palaru: Filmmaker R.R. Srinivasan pinpoints how human beings – who have the highest capacity to empathize and create – disrupt the ecosystem by drawing boundaries and building dams to contain the rivers within. It also speaks on issues about greedy and overambitious industrialists converting the Palar into a carcinogenic river by dumping industrial waste into it.

Bittersweet Waters: Bittersweet Waters, an Indo-French project, touches upon the issues of water management in South India. Discussing the pros and cons of the existing system, the film is an eye-opener.